Importance of Inspecting HV Equipments Regularly

The switch gear and its components continue to deteriorate with time due to environmental influences and other operating conditions. In order to make sure the switch gear specifically, the circuit breaker retains the safety and operating standard throughout its service life. Besides, being the project manager or owner of the industrial facility, you must give attention to the fact that, you have chosen the ideal environment for installing the switch gear and qualified professionals to inspect and carry out maintenance responsibilities at a regular interval. Remember factors like temperature, relative humidity, vibration, dust, current harmonics, and corrosive atmosphere may affect the device.

With preventive maintenance, lower the risk of failure-

Regular inspection of high voltage installations is important to make sure the safety of the workers and equipment in the industrial environment. By thoroughly inspecting the electrical equipment, you can find various issues and take essential corrective actions to prevent financial loss and downtime. When you hire high voltage engineering service, they perform an audit, on-site maintenance of your electrical installations. At the end of the audit process, they give a report mentioning the faulty system and suggest necessary remedial actions. Regular maintenance will surely minimize the long-term operating cost by reducing the outages and cost necessary for the repair of the defective equipment.

Checklist for high voltage equipment maintenance

If the report suggests, the switch gear or any of its integrated components hold even hold the slightest possibility of malfunctioning without making any further delay you must take quick action. When switch gear fails to work properly, you can experience terrible consequences. The people must install a barricade to make sure other staffs do not come near the area and stay safe during the process. Before the maintenance process starts, you must tell the involved persons about any potential danger and special circumstance. The team of high voltage engineers must abide by the accepted industry standards and should have the knowledge to check the switch gear properly. The maintenance team must have the skill to upgrade and modifying the switch gear, carry out mechanical, visual and electrical tests and inspections and ready to provide emergency repairs. It is also important to perform infrared inspections for identifying loose connections and unbalanced loads. Once they complete the entire maintenance and repair procedure, do not forget to check whether they have powered back the switch gear or not. They must power back the device to confirm normal operation instead of leaving behind this task for you.

The Stun Master 20 Million-Volt Metal Stun Gun Baton and Flashlight

Stun Master 20 Million-Volt Stun Gun
Even in our advanced and highly civilized society, there are still thugs and villains roaming the streets. Therefore, it’s essential for every citizen who values personal security to have a method of protecting him or herself in the event of an attack. When you carry the Stun Master 20 million-Volt Stun Baton and Flashlight, you get a feeling of confidence and security. It is perfect for someone walking their dog, the night security guard, and store owners. It features a robust 20 million volt stun gun at the front end and a tactical flashlight.

With the simple push of a button, the baton emits a 20,000,000-volt blast of electricity. It is 14 inches long and 1 inches wide and has a lifetime warranty.

Features and benefits

· Powerful stun baton

The Stun Master Baton features a potent stun baton that emits 20 million volts and 4.6 milliamps of electricity. Just test firing this stun gun unit in the air is enough to stop any attacker in his tracks. The bright electric current will pulsate across the top, creating an intimidating sound. However, if this intimidating electronic noise isn’t enough to stop the attacker, a jolt from this certainly will.

· Aircraft quality aluminum alloy

Besides protecting the unit, the shock-proof aluminum exterior can also be used to strike an assailant. Therefore, this unit can also be utilized as a crude weapon in case the charge runs out or if the attack doesn’t necessitate the utilization of the stun gun feature.

· Long reach

At 14 inches long, this stun baton allows you to defend yourself from a safe distance. Therefore, your assailant will not get a chance to touch you or grab something from you.

· Blinding LED flashlight

Besides illuminating dark areas, this super-bright LED flashlight will also prove to be quite useful in the event of an attack mainly because it can also protect you. When you shine it in the eyes of an attacker, it causes a temporary blinding effect which makes it easy to strike with the baton or use the stun gun feature to immobilize them.

· Rechargeable

The package includes a recharging cord which plugs directly into standard wall outlets to help users save money on batteries.

· Convenience and safety features

The easy to access switch prevents users from activating the stun feature accidentally. Moreover, since it’s a non-lethal self-defense tool, the Stun Master 20 million Volt Stun Baton will not maim or kill the assailant. Law enforcement officers have been using them as an alternative to brute force for several decades, and they pose no threat to the attacker or user.

· Multiple features

It combines the functional strength of a metal stun gun with blunt force and a bright LED flashlight. This metal stun gun and baton work as a standard stick giving you an advantage over the attacker who chose you as a victim. The inbuilt Led flashlight provides extra visibility especially in dark areas, and a push of the trigger expands the stun baton immediately and starts shocking the perpetrator.

· Lifetime warranty

Components of the Stun Master Baton made of the highest quality materials, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Using The Stun Master 20 million Volt Stun Baton

1. Identify the threat

Most attackers sneak up on their targets using the cover of darkness to hide their identity. Moreover, they usually target the most vulnerable victims. Shining the ultra-bright LED flashlight in the direction of the threat is often enough to scare them away and persuade them to search for easier targets.

2. Disorient the attacker

Shine the super-bright LED flashlight directly in the eyes of the assailant to disorient them and impair their vision temporarily. By confusing the attacker, the Stun Master Baton gives you a good chance to strike them and flee to safety.

3. Stun or strike

If the first two measures are not enough to deter the assailant, hitting them with the metal baton or shocking them using the powerful stun gun definitely will.

Whether you carry it with you on your belt with the metal clip, in your car or leave it on the nightstand, protecting yourself with the Stun Master 20-Million Volt Stun Baton and Flashlight is quite easy.

Features That Should Matter When Buying An Espresso Machine

If you love your coffee, then an espresso machine is among the most valuable appliances that you can have at home. It is a benefit that of course comes at a cost but with so many brands and models in the market you should find a good unit that you can trust to deliver at an affordable price. When buying the espresso machine, price is not the only thing that should matter. You should also think about the flavor of the beverage, the functionality, maintenance and storage. Here are some of the most important features to consider when buying the best espresso machine.

Grinding capabilities – There are units that come with built-in grinder. The grinders can handle unground coffee beans in their canister so you are able to choose fresh beans to brew your coffee. Others come with receptacle for coffee grinds and this means that the bean can be ground at a store or using a separate appliance all together. If you love your coffee freshly ground, then you will find the built-in grinder feature very useful. If you will be forced to bring coffee grinds into the machine basket, then you should find out how easy that is going to be or how tasking it will be before you decide to buy the machine.

Frothing capabilities – Your espresso machine will offer you very strong java beverage but you can also enjoy other beverages like Americanos, Cappuccinos and macchiato. To get it right with milk frothing, you should pay attention to the frother. It is the spout designed for pressurized milk flow and the pressure needs to be right in temperature and also PSI to make the perfect drink. Not every machine needs this capability, but if you love the specialty drinks, then it is indeed a feature worth checking out when buying your machine.

Water storage – Depending on the machine you settle for in the end, you will either need to pour in water into the mouth or connect to water source making the process all very easy. Some of the units can hold as many as 8 cups of espresso and when yours has a small spout, then you might find it challenging to pour in needed water. Remember to check how water goes into your machine and how comfortable you are with that before making your purchase.

Machine capacity – How much water the espresso machine hold? How much beans can it store? They are some very useful questions that will help you make the right capacity choice. The amount of water it can hold in a sitting will determine how many times you have to go back to the process in a day. If you love coffee or you plan to make coffee for your family every day, then you want a machine that can make as many cups as possible depending on the demands.

Other features worth checking and considering when buying are cleaning demands, aesthetics and storage. Always choose a machine bound to meet your expectations from every angle.

8Mm WiFi Endoscope Camera for the Endoscopic Video System

As we all know, endoscopic video systems are designed to display the image on the monitor and document the test results. They are used with rigid and flexible fiber-optic endoscopes. In general, the video system consists of an optical-mechanical adapter with a video camera, the control unit, and the monitor. In some cases, the control unit may be omitted. And the monitor can be household TV or computer with an input video signal. So, you need to choose the endoscope camera. And today, I’d like to introduce a new WiFi endoscope camera to you guys.

This is an 8mm endoscope camera, which supports wireless WiFi connection. It can work with Android and iOS mobile devices. You just need to install the APP and do WiFi connection with the endoscope camera, and then you can check the image. This camera comes with 6 LED lights, of which the brightness is adjustable. With a 2M Pixel high-resolution CMOS camera, it supports HD 720P video.


Camera head OD: 8mm
Lens: 2M Pixel CMOS camera, 6 LEDs
Resolution: 640 x 480, 1280 x 720
Waterproof Level: IP67
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Viewing Angle: 70 degree
Transmission distance: Within 5-30m
Effective Focal Distance: 4-6cm (The best viewing distance)
Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Last for 45 minutes)
System Requirement: iOS / Android / Windows / Mac
Cable length: 1/2/3.5/5 M

With the mini size and light weight, this camera is portable for use. And due to the IP67 waterproof design, it can be used underwater. Thanks to the sucker, it is easy to mount the WiFi box on the back of phones or other places with the flat surface. And the WiFi box was built-in with a 500mAh battery, which can work for 45 minutes, charge via 5V power. Compatible with the iOS/Android/Windows/Mac System, this camera supports photo taking and video recording on mobile phones.

Generally speaking, this WiFi endoscope camera can be used as an underwater camera, waterproof micro-camera, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue detector, criminal and custom detector, or archaeological detector. In addition, it can be used for the PCB detection, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, the petroleum drilling industry, construction industry and so on. By the way, in the process of the endoscope camera choice, you should decide what you want before selecting the control unit and make sure that you get the best estimate of your hard-earned money.

Top 5 Useful Gadgets For a Construction Worker

One might never know when a recently purchased tool might come in handy, and nobody wants to carry around a backpack full of instruments and gadgets that might not even be needed. It is especially important for construction workers, repairmen, and mechanics. Right tools ensure that people of such professions will do their job quickly and efficiently. There are numerous lists of multipurpose tools one can fit in a pocket, however today we are talking about small gadgets that can be useful in various situations. We are, of course, not talking about heavy duty equipment that is utilized in the construction of large objects, only small, pocket-sized-ish gadgets that are easy to use and convenient to carry around. So here’s our top 5 of gadgets for a construction worker. Please note that they are not stated in a particular order based on their price/usefulness.

Let’s start with a device that is very common on almost every construction site. Laser distance meter is a simple yet sophisticated equipment that allows one to measure the exact distance between objects, walls etc. This device, namely LDM60 by General Tools, allows to single-handedly measure required distances without measuring tapes and complicated devices. It incorporates features like remembering the distances measured previously, performing various mathematical operations, measuring unit conversion and many more. It’s pocket-sized and lightweight, and even comes with its own belt holster! Measuring distances has never been easier.

Next on our list is a combustible gas detector. General Tools provide a great device, model PNG2000A, that is capable of detecting natural gas leaks. It is a very handy tool when installing or servicing gas systems in a household. It has visual and audio alerts that warn of a high gas concentration. Comfortable shape, small size, and great functionality – what else do you need?

Moving on to a must-have when working with wood or moisture-susceptible materials – an MMD3E moisture meter. It is used for determining moisture level and moisture resistance of materials, which is crucial for correct calculations and material testing. It utilizes pin to measure the data more accurately. Ergonomic design, small size, and light weight allow this device to be carried in a pocket or on a belt, whichever is more practical for you.

A device that is necessary when installing or repairing electrical networks is a multimeter. Electricity grids run through all buildings, and their malfunction can lead to great damage and injuries. This device is used by servicemen and construction workers all over the world to analyze networks and devices and detect malfunctions. DMM53FSG multimeter is perfect for any type of application. It has 32 measuring ranges and is resistant to fall damage, which makes this gadget both reliable and useful.

And last, but not the least, we have a video scope. DCS660A by General Tools, it’s a gadget of many functions. It captures the video and displays it on the monitor in real-time, and also records it for later use, or takes still pictures (if necessary). It may be used both in dry areas and water-filled zones, which makes it perfect when repairing or installing plumbing systems, or inspecting flooded areas. It’s not exactly pocket-sized, however it comes with a case, and you can carry it on your belt or in a small bag.